Escort FAQs

Escort – questions and answers

Whats the meaning of "Independent Escort"?

If you would like to have personal contact with women in advance and want to book without an agency, this is the best option for you. Independent escorts are stylish ladies who are usually independent of escort agencies. These are neither represented nor communicated through our advertising portal. Please ask the lady personally for her fees and booking modalities. You can find the contact details in the Sedcards. You can confidently contact one of the independent escorts listed here.

What about discretion?

Discretion and the resulting trust is the prerequisite for a successful arrangement. Your privacy is therefore protected. Likewise, escort ladies expect you to maintain discretion regarding your and their identity and not to force them to disclose their private contact details. Furthermore, photos of women should not be distributed in online forums or through other media. Please pay particular attention to the image rights and privacy of women.

What "service" can I expect from on of the escort ladies?

The erotic preferences of the respective independent escort can be found on their website or inquired about them themselves.

What are the fees based on?

The women decide on the amount of their fee and their minimum booking period at their own discretion and according to their expectations of the gentleman.

How do I best deal with an inquiry / booking?

A booking request to an escort lady should usually be made in writing via email. If a telephone number is specified on the website of the Independent Escort, you can of course also call directly. Basically the following applies: The more precisely you make your request, the better your desired lady can adjust to you and constant, time-consuming questions are avoided. Your chosen escort lady can prepare accordingly for your joint rendezvous.
A booking directly through our advertising portal is not possible and also not wanted.

Where can an escort date take place?

Mostly, the ladies will be happy to meet you in a suitable hotel or the holiday home with a travel companion of your choice. Visits to your home are offered by many escorts only after repeated meetings, if at all.

How far in advance should I request a date?

As early as possible. This increases the chance that your desired lady can set up time for a meeting with you. Especially if the lady is traveling longer, you should give her enough time to plan. With short-term inquiries, the realization of a meeting is usually difficult.
Most independent escorts pursue their passion alongside a main job or studying. So book well in advance so that the lady of your choice can organize everything you need and arrive at your place in a relaxed manner.

Whats the best duration for an escort date?

Its up to you… you decide whether you want to spend a few hours, a night or several days with a lady. Please only note the minimum booking duration of the lady and ask about the booking duration accordingly. For professional reasons it is not possible for every lady to make a longer booking or to spontaneously turn an 4 hour date into an overnight.

When do travel expenses arise?

Travel expenses are usually incurred if you want to meet your escort outside of here home town. The travel expenses are calculated individually by the Escorts and depend on the distance and the chosen means of transport. You will be informed in advance of the exact amount of the costs. If in doubt, ask exactly.

What information does the escort lady needs?

In order to guarantee the security, which is very important to all escorts, it is best if you give your full name, a telephone number under which you can be reached on the day of the appointment, as well as the name and address of the hotel directly when booking. Your personal information will be treated with the utmost discretion and will under no circumstances be passed on to outsiders. The best way to inquire about anything else is to contact the independent escort yourself.

Is it possible to contact the lady by phone before the date?

Escort ladies usually decide against an agency because direct contact with the customer is very important for them. Therefore, it is often the wish of the independent escort to make a phone call with you before the date.

What should I watch out for during a date?

Look forward to an adventure together with your dream lady! Just as your lady looks forward to meeting you and has prepared for it, she expects you to be charming, sophisticated and neat. This is the best prerequisite for fulfilling your erotic desires. Give them both a little time to get to know each other better and build up a sizzling erotic tension.
Please give the escort lady the agreed fee at the beginning of your rendezvous and do not embarrass the lady to have to ask for it.
On an escort date you get very close to eacht other. Especially because you spend a lot of intense moments. You will have interesting, sometimes profound or humorous conversations. With all this familiarity, however, please do not forget that despite the lovely togetherness, some questions can be uncomfortable for the escort lady. Therefore, please avoid intimate questions regarding your private life or your name, telephone number or similar. You too should keep private information such as telephone number, email address, company etc. to yourself. All escort ladies just want to have a wonderful time with you, enable you to switch off, relax and let your dreams and fantasies run wild.

The chemistry between is wrong. Can I cancel a date?

If you discover during the introductory phase that the chemistry between the two of you is wrong, you can of course politely cancel the arrangement. Please do this within the first 30 minutes if possible. However, you should best clarify these questions in advance with the escort lady yourself, because here the independent escorts often decide differently and at their own discretion.