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Muenster – student city and more …
Muenster is picturesque and is located in the middle of Westphalia. The city has about 300,000 inhabitants, almost one in five of whom are studying.

Student city, bicycle city, city of spit, hipster city or whatever. The city of Münster has many clichés and still has a lot to offer. This is how Muenster has been called the world’s most livable city since 2004. Ok, that was a while ago, but Muenster won the award for a reason. As the tenth largest city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Münster has the second largest area and is therefore green. Many young people also live in Münster. 37% of the almost 300,000 inhabitants are younger than 30 years. This is mainly due to the large number of students. The innermost core and the heart of the green cathedral is the 4.5 km long promenade. As the only closed promenade ring in all of Germany, it is unique and separates the old town from the surrounding districts with beautiful linden trees. In addition to the Aasee, the Kreativkai (harbor district), the numerous museums and historical sights, there is a large selection of art and culture.

And: What would Muenster be without the bicycles? Every day more than 100,000 people from Muenster (!) are out and about by bike.

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